Aerosol fire extinguishers (AHS)

Aerosol fire-extinguishing generator AGS-8/3

Aerosol fire-extinguishing generator AGS-8/3 is designed for containment and extinguishing of fire class A, B and C under EN 2 and also electrical equipment (power and high-voltage installations, consumer and industry electronics etc.) that is live at the voltage up to 40 kV.
This aerosol fire extinguisher is based on the principal of volume fire extinguishing that completely fills an enclosed protected area with fine particles of the extinguishing aerosol in required concentration.

The activity principle of the generator is based on the inhibition of chemical processes of burning by means of highly despersive particles of alkali metal salts produced during the ignition of the aerosol-forming charge and which can stay in suspension state for a long period of time.
System activation
The system is activated automatically by the EPS system on the basis of the positive fire detection in the protected section. The whole AHZ system in the protected section must be activated depending on the detection by more alarms (two and more independent alarms),which provides protection against false alarms.
It is possible to activate the AHZ system manually by a start push-button outside the protected section. Signalization of detectors is in this case substituted by the push-button and it is followed by the same sequence as during the automatic extinguishing, i.e. sound the fire alarm, delay the release of extinguishing agent, signal evacuation, release extinguishing agent and signal the system status.

The whole sytem may be shut down manually by a blocking push-button located in the protected section at any phase of extinguishing (counted from the first positive fire detection) unless the extinguishing agent has already been released. The blocking is used for securing the safety of persons that did not manage to get beyond the protected section within the required time, meeting the requirement on tightness or possibly in case of unusual situations (real fire did not start etc.)
The control system uses typical EPS control units that are designed for the control of gaseous fire extinguishers (certified under ČSN EN 12094-1 and ČSN P CEN/TR 15276-1).This is an undisputed advantage because the alarm system may use the object EPS control unit, which results in the investment saving to the equipment. The whole aerosol
fire-extinguishing system is certified by the authorized body PAVUS, a.s.

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