Protection of passages of fire dividing structures

Fire sealings provide a complex system of protection of passages in fire dividing structures. It is possible to seal passages in walls, ceilings or light partitions. Further, we offer the option of sealing construction joints and fire cladding of constructions including doors with fire resistance PROMAT, HILTI, INTUMEX and other.

Types of sealed passages through fi re dividing structures:
•passages of cabels (individual cables, bunched cables)
•passages of cabel trays
•Passages of non-flammable pipings (water, gas, heating etc.)
Passages of air-conditioning duct
•Passages of flammable pipings (water, sewerage etc.)
•Fire sealings, sealing of construction joints and other
applications are done in the systems PROMAT,
HILTI, INTUMEX and other.

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