Fire blinds

Fire roll-up shutter is tested in accordance with requirement under ČSN EN 14 600 in connection to tests of fi re resistance under ČSN EN 1634 – 1 and consecutive norms. Fire roll-up shutter FIROTEX – V has a declared fi re resistance under ČSN EN 13 501 – 2:
• EW 15 DP1-C1
• EW 30 DP1-C1
It is possible to reach fi re resistance EW 45 DP1-C1 to EW 120 DP1-C1 or EI 15 DP1-C1 to
EI 120 DP1-C1 by means of a water sprinkling system.
The load bearing structures of the shutter are made of steel metal sheets. The fi lling of the opening comprises of a special textile that is wound on a steel tubular shaft which is fi tted with a tubular electric motor. The surface fi nish of visible elements except for the special textile itself may be done in the colour range according to the requirements from the customer (RAL).

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